Marcel Janick Paul

  1. • Born in Herrenberg, resident in Berlin & Frankfurt am Main


  1. • Developed some school short films and visiting some Production sets in Frankfurt am Main


  1. • Education Bachelor of Arts Digital Film Production at SAE INSTITUTE Frankfurt am Main & Middlesex University London
    from September 2016 to September 2018
    Successful completion: Bachelor of Arts (Hons.)


  1. • Since 2011 although working as a freelancer in directing the films, writing the screenplay, working as a camera operator and editor (Working skills with Celtx, AVID MEDIA COMPOSER, FINAL CUT PRO X & ADOBE PREMIERE PRO CC)


  1. • Member of Bundesverband Filmschnitt Editor e.V. (BFS)


• 2011: Co-Directing, Screenplayauthor & Cinematographer to the animation film

in association with JungenMedienJury, Stadtbücherei Frankfurt am Main and Deutsches Filmmuseum

• 2014: Director, Screenplayauthor, Executive Producer, Cinematographer & Co-Editor for the scholastically documentary film
'Helikopter in OHS außer Kontrolle'

in association with Foto und Film AG of Otto-Hahn-Schule Frankfurt am Main

Extra player on the ZDF TV-Film 'Marthaler - Partitur des Todes'
Production: AKZENTE FILM

Written for the Screen & Directed by Lancelot von Naso


2015: Director, Producer, Cinematographer & Editor to the short film

'Ich seh' mich nicht wie du mich siehst - Viele Augen sehen mehr'
in association with Otto-Hahn-Schule Frankfurt am Main & FAZSCHULE

Participation in competition 'Jugend liest 2014/15'

2016: Director, Screenplayauthor, Producer, Camera-Operator & Co-Editor to the short film
Premiere at 'visionale 16'


  1. 2017: Director, Prouducer, Camera-Operator & Editor to the short film

  2. 'The Man with the Violin'

  3. on Behalf of SAE INSTITUTE Frankfurt am Main

• Additional photography on the ZDF TV-Film 'Kommissar Marthaler: Die Sterntaler-Verschwörung'

Production: AKZENTE FILM
Directed by Züli Aladağ 


• Extra player & Set-Runner in Frankfurt on the ARD TV-Film 'Das doppelte Lottchen'
Production: Uschi Reich Filmproduktion & SWR

Directed by Lancelot von Naso


 Director, Producer, Camera-Operator & Editor to the short film

in association with OptikMovie, on behalf of SAE INSTITUTE Frankfurt am Main
• Director, Screenplayauthor, Camera-Operator & Editor to the short film
  1. in association with OptikMovie

2018: Director, Screenplayauthor, Camera-Operator & Editor for a SAE-Intern Graduation-Short-Film-Production


  1. in association with OptikMovie, 

  2. on Behalf of SAE INSTITUTE Frankfurt am Main

 Cinematographer for a SAE-Internal Graduation Project

  1. 'Keller'

  2. in association with RANDOM Pictures, 

  3. on Behalf of SAE INSTITUTE Frankfurt am Main

 Director, Screenplayauthor, Producer, Camera-Operator & Editor to a Bachelor-Documentary
'We Forgot To See'

  1. in Association with OptikMovie,

  2. on Behalf of SAE INSTITUTE Frankfurt am Main


 Additional DVD Post-Production, Behind the Scenes & Bonus Features Editor to

  1. Production: kahuuna films GmbH & NEUESUPER

  2. Written for the Screen, Produced, Edited & Directed by: Hans Weingartner


2019: Camera-Operator & Steadicam-Operator to the short-film 'Red is the black of colored people' 

  1. Production: Slap Kid Productions

  2. Written & Directed by: Jakob Lindner


• Location Scout-Assistant & Set-Assistant on the ARD TV-Film 'Eine Hochzeit platzt selten allein'

in Frankfurt am Main & Bad Wimpfen

Production: Schwabenlandfilm, SWR & ARD DEGETO 

Directed by Lancelot von Naso


2020: Editor & Addtional Director of Photography for the Documentary


  1. Production: Ali Ashoori & Projectile

  2. Produced, Co-Cinematography & Directed by: Ali Ashoori

  3. 2021: Editor & Executive Producer zu einem Kurzspielfilm

    1. 'Das Kratzen'

    2. Written, Produced & Directed by: Alex Stolz


 Executive Producer & Editor zum Kurzfilm 


  2. Produktion: Ali Ashoori, Projectile & Frankfurter Skylinefilms

  3. Produktion & Regie: Ali Ashoori & Stefanie Schmahl


 Additional Editor of 6 episodes for
'303 - Die Serie'

  1. Production: kahuuna films GmbH,  NEUESUPER & BR

  2. Written, Produced, Edited & Directed by: Hans Weingartner


 Recap Editor of 3 episodes for

  1. 'FURIA'

  2. Production: X-Filme Creative Pool, MONSTER & NIEMIPRODUKTION

  3. Directed by: Magnus Martens & Lars Kraume


2022: Filmeditor to a short film

  1. 'KALT'

  2. Production: The Grandmaster Productions

  3. Written, Produced & Directed by: Johannes Prondzinsky


 Filmeditor to a short film



  3. Written, Produced & Directed by: Nauar Tuckmatchy

Desired heart projects

 Director, Screenplayauthor & Editor for a 15-minutes feature length project
'Ticking Time'


 Director, Screenplayauthor & Editor for a 90-minute feature length project
'Das Mädchen vom Bahnsteig'